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Located in the Ecoespazo do Rexo


The Process

Our cheese is born from the attachment to the land, from the desire to keep the territory in the same conditions in which our grandparents left it to us as an inheritance. A legacy in which we believe that we can prosper, producing each of our pieces in an artisanal way, with first-quality milk linked to grazing and the cattle tradition.



This is the first sheep's cheese made in Galicia, based on raw milk. It is made with a lot of love in an artisanal way, one by one it is shaped into this product that is so in demand in the region.

The sheep are of the Latxa breed, they come from the Basque Country, they adapt very well to the harsh climate of the province and produce approximately one liter of milk a day, divided into two milkings, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The transfer from the farm to the cheese factory is done in a traditional way: our shepherd fills the dairies and takes them to the cheese factory.

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The cheese culminates a whole process of attachment and care for nature since thanks to the grazing of the herd on the farms, the lands of O Rexo have recovered their well-kept appearance of yesteryear.