These Terms of Sale describe the policies of:
Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L.,
Requeixo de Valverde s/n
Allariz, Galicia, Ourense
32667, España,
Teléfono: 988441175

We invite you to review the general sales conditions that regulate the offer and sale of Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. products. through the online store included on this website (

This document contains the Conditions that regulate the use of this website hosted under the domain, with CIF B32268062 and address at Requeixo de Valverde s/n 32667, Allariz, Ourense.

Through its website, The Company provides information about its products and offers the possibility of their acquisition. Due to the content and purpose of the Website, people who want to benefit from its services must have the status of "Client", which they acquire by completing the registration form and following the steps that The Company subsequently communicates via email. The condition of Customer implies adherence to the Terms of Use of the version published at the time the Website is accessed.

In any case, there are pages of the Website accessible to natural or legal persons who do not register or initiate a product purchase (hereinafter, "Users"). In this sense, Users who access these parts of the Website agree to be subject to the terms and conditions contained in these General Conditions, to the extent that they may be applicable.

The Company wants to let its Customers and Users know that it is directed exclusively to an audience over 18 years of age and that the territory in which it accepts and distributes orders is that comprised by Peninsula (Hereinafter, the "Territory"). THE COMPANY does not ship orders abroad or, at the moment, to Ceuta and Melilla. If a user is interested in receiving an item outside the Territory, they should contact La Empresa through the form or by sending an email to, we would study your request and inform you about it.

CONTACT: For any type of doubt, query or suggestion, you can send us your comments by email to:


All the intellectual and industrial property rights of the web domain as well as its contents belong to Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. , so no user is authorized to make use of them, nor print them, nor store them on any physical medium in any case other than for their personal and private use. The modification, decompilation or commercial use of any part of it is therefore prohibited.

The use of the contents of the web domain is only authorized for informational and service purposes, as long as the source is cited or referenced, the user being solely responsible for their misuse.

Access to this web page does not grant users any right or ownership over intellectual or industrial property rights or the content it contains. Users who access this website may not copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, assign or sell the previously mentioned elements or create new products or services derived from the information obtained without the express written authorization of Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L.

Alteration of the content or structure of this website by the user is strictly prohibited.

Agrogandeira Educational Farm, S.L. reserves the right to take legal action against users who violate or infringe intellectual and/or industrial property rights.

The information that appears on the website is current on the date of its last update. The company reserves the right to modify the contents of the web domain without prior notice and may limit or deny access to this website.


Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. reserves the right to block electronic links to the website that do not have prior express authorization.

In the event that the website contains links to content owned by third parties, Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. assumes no responsibility for the information contained in third-party websites or for the information contained therein.

Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. will remove any link as soon as it becomes aware by any means of the illegality of its content or that the goods or rights of a third party are injured from them.


These terms have been designed to create a legally binding agreement between you and us, protecting your rights as a customer and our rights as a company.

These conditions regulate the offer, the acceptance of purchase and the shipment of products from Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. between you and us

Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. offers the products exclusively to end users to acquire goods without the intention of resale.

"end user" means any natural or legal person who acts within with purposes other than those that are specific to the commercial, business or professional activities that they normally carry out.

Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. reserves the right not to respond to orders made by subjects who differ from the end user. Only those end users who have proceeded to register on the website in accordance with the provisions of these General Conditions may acquire goods and services marketed through the website.

The conditions of use set out here will not be applicable to all those customers who are part of hospitality groups, shops or are part of other discount groups.


The acquisition of the status of registered user allows browsing through the restricted access areas listed on the website, the use of services for which prior identification is necessary and the acquisition of Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. products. that could be offered through him.

Persons of legal age and with full capacity to contract who subscribe to these General Conditions can acquire the status of registered user. The acquisition of the status of registered user implies the reading and express and unreserved acceptance of any of the terms that make up the present General Conditions that you declare to have known prior to your acceptance, being able to be stored and reproduced by you. Registration as a user is optional for the contracting of services or the acquisition of products Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. through your online store.

The username and password generated that will allow the user to identify themselves and use the service are strictly personal and confidential. The user will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the same. Consequently, the user expressly accepts, unless proven otherwise, that we presume that the uses of the service carried out using his identification keys are carried out by the registered user, unless he had previously communicated the loss or theft of them.

The password can be modified freely by the user, through the procedures we have established for this purpose. The replaced password will be invalidated as a means of identification, at the same time that the new one is generated.

We may block access and use of the website when we deem it necessary for security reasons. The Service will be automatically blocked in the event that three successive errors occur in the consignation of user keys for access or use.

We will adopt the necessary organizational and technical measures in our computer equipment to achieve adequate use of the Service by users and to avoid unauthorized access whose purpose is to proceed with unauthorized disclosures of the content of the user's financial information accessible through the Service.


The user is obliged to:

– Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. all the data necessary for access and use of services that require prior identification, which must be truthful, current and adjusted to reality. The user is obliged to provide his personal data in a certain and correct manner (name, surname, postal address, email and other contact data) and agrees that we may use this information to contact you if necessary. If you do not provide us with all the information, we will not be able to process your order. Otherwise, Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. will not be responsible in any case for possible delays or failures in delivery as a result of the error or omission of this data.

– The user may not make any fraudulent, false or speculative order. Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. reserves the right to cancel the order and/or inform the relevant authorities if it has reasonable grounds to consider it as such.

- By placing an order on this website, you guarantee us that you are over 18 years of age and that you have the legal capacity to enter into binding contracts.

– Adopt the necessary security measures, both personal and material, to maintain the confidentiality of your username and password, as well; how to immediately notify Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. the loss, loss, embezzlement, theft or illegitimate access of your username, as well as your knowledge by third parties.

- Make appropriate use of the Services included in the website, always in accordance with the legal system.

- Not to carry out any activity that hinders or interferes with the operation of the Services, included on the website.

– When paying for the products of Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. that you would have contracted through the website and the shipping and collection management costs, if any.


The content of our website is an invitation to do business. Until your order is accepted by us (even if it has already been charged to your account) there will be no contract between you and us. If your order is not accepted and we have already charged you, the amount will be refunded in full.

After clicking on "buy" you will receive an email as acknowledgment of receipt. This does not imply that the order has been accepted, since it is itself an offer that you make to us to make a purchase. Orders are subject to our verification and acceptance. We will confirm acceptance by sending you an email informing you that the order is being shipped (Shipping Confirmation). Only at this moment will the Contract between you and us be formalized.

Only the products of Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. listed in the Shipping Confirmation will be the subject of the contract. We will not be obliged to supply you with any other products that may have been ordered until we have confirmed the dispatch of them in a separate Dispatch Confirmation.

Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. may refrain from placing orders that do not present sufficient guarantees of solvency, which turn out to be incomplete or incorrect or in the event that the products Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. are not available, without liability to you or third parties. In any case, we undertake to inform you and if we had already charged you the amount of the order we will proceed to reimburse you the amount you have advanced.


You accept that the products offered by Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. in your online store are subject to stock limits. All product orders are subject to availability. If any product is not available once the order has been placed, we will inform you as soon as possible. At that time you can modify your order or cancel it.

Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. reserves the right to modify the products offered on the website at any time without prior notice.


The following procedure has been established for the purchase through the website of Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L.

The user must access the online store hosted on the website where the products that can be purchased through the aforementioned channel are listed with the following information:

  1. a) Product description, characteristics and measurement units.
  2. b) Price per unit of measure and/or weight.
  3. c) Shipping costs.
  4. d) Conditions of validity of the offer, if applicable.

Once the product or products have been chosen, the user must add to the basket included on the website, indicating the units they wish to purchase. Once the chosen products have been added to the shopping basket, the user will be able to access the summary of the purchase, which they must accept by clicking on the Finish the purchase option, where the following information is detailed:

  1. a) Image
  2. b) Description.
  3. c) Quantity.
  4. d) Price per unit of measure
  5. e) Total price of each product
  6. f) Total purchase price.
  7. g) Shipping costs and returns policy.

If the user has a promotional code, it must be included at that time to benefit from the conditions that apply to it.

Next, the user must provide his data, in the case of a registered user, he must provide the username and password assigned to him. In the event that the user had not previously registered, the purchase can be continued by completing the mandatory data to be able to make the shipment.

Once the user has entered his data, he will access Shipping Details, where he can review his shipping and billing data, modify them and request an invoice; and indicate a note for the carrier.

Next, you will access the Confirmation of the order where you will see the shipping and billing addresses of the same, the form of payment will accept the general conditions of sale, confirm that you are of legal age, and proceed to its acceptance by pressing the "Next" button

If you choose a Credit/Debit Card payment method, we will now redirect you to the payment gateway. If you use the transfer payment method, you will accept the conditions on our page and we will detail the details to be able to make the same.

Once the Confirmation by the User has been carried out, an email will be sent as soon as we have received your order, in which you will be informed of the data corresponding to the purchase order completed. Likewise, we will proceed to analyze the purchase order to determine if it meets all the requirements for its processing. Once the check has been carried out, we will send you an email confirming the order and its delivery or its refusal.



The transport of O Rexo products will be carried out through the company Transportes Autoradio, which will carry out the door-to-door service, usually within 48/72 hours (may vary for Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) from our confirmation of shipment. However, in extreme cases there could be incidents in the transport, we assure you that the maximum period will never exceed 5 working days from the confirmation of the shipment, or we will return the full amount of your order.

Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday.

Once your order leaves our warehouse, you will be sent an email notifying you that your order has been accepted and is being shipped.

Orders will be sent to the delivery address you have provided us in your form, so it is important that you pay attention when filling in your delivery address details. We will not be responsible if the delivery address is incorrect or incomplete. If you have ordered products that need to be refrigerated for transport, make sure you have a suitable place to store them until they are used.

The expected date of delivery of your order, based on the day and time you place it. If your order was placed from Monday to Friday (not holidays) before 11:00 a.m., it will arrive in 48-72 hours (may vary for Islands, Ceuta and Melilla).

DELIVERY options:

- home delivery with 2 attempts. Then to the nearest post office x 15 days
- withdraw directly from the nearest post office


To return a product you have 7 calendar days from the receipt of the order, it is not possible to return perishable goods and those others that by their nature can deteriorate or expire quickly.

When you receive an order, we attach a return form that you must fill in to make the return, and notify us by e-mail (

The products Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. they must be returned in the same condition in which you received them, together with their complete original packaging, labels and together with any accessories related to them. The customer will be responsible for proving that the items have been returned, so we recommend that you always send your returns through a system that certifies delivery for your safety.

Exchanges or returns of perishable items are not permitted.

You will be responsible for the costs of returning the product and in no case will we accept returns sent with postage due.

If your return does not comply with the stipulated terms, you will not have the right to receive any refund and we will send you the products Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. with dues.

If the recipient of the products Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. is different from the person who made the payment, the refund will be made to the person who made the payment.

The products Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. Returns must be sent in one delivery. We reserve the right not to accept products that belong to a single order, returned and delivered at different times. Once we verify that the products Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. that you return to us meet all the specifications of the Returns Policy, we will send you an email informing you that the return has been accepted. Whatever the payment system used by you, the return of the amount will be started as soon as possible but always within a period of 15 days following the receipt in our warehouses of the returned product.

Under no circumstances will we reimburse you for shipping costs.

Neither exchanges nor returns are allowed in our stores.

To make a return you must send us the products of Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. together with the return form to the following address:

Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L.

“O Rexo”
Requeixo de Valverde s/n
Allariz, 32667 (Ourense)

In the case of having made the payment by transfer, to make the return you must attach an account number to us in the return form where you can make the deposit.


You must notify Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. cases of non-receipt of orders exceeding 5 working days.

If it is impossible for us to make the delivery, the courier company will contact you again to agree a new delivery date.

When your order is delivered to you, you must check that everything is in accordance with what was requested. If there is any discrepancy or problem with the order, you must contact Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. through our contact form at by leaving us your personal data and order number reflecting the discrepancy or problem and we will contact you shortly to resolve the incident.


If you receive an incorrect order or defective product, please contact us immediately, within 24 hours, through our contact form at indicating the error or defect. along with your personal data.

In the case of problems with the packaging, you must notify the courier company at the time of receipt of the order, indicating it on the delivery note or on the delivery man's electronic tablet.

We will proceed to carefully examine the returned product and we will notify you by e-mail within a reasonable time if the return or replacement of the same (if applicable) is appropriate. The return or replacement of the item will be made as soon as possible and, in any case, within 30 days of the date on which we send you an email confirming that the return or replacement of the non-conforming item is in order.

The amounts paid for those products that are returned due to any tara or defect, when it actually exists, will be reimbursed in full, including the delivery costs incurred to deliver the item and the costs you would have incurred to return it to us. The refund will be made in the same way that was used to pay for the purchase.

The rights recognized by current legislation remain safe.


For security reasons, you will not be able to place orders over 1,000 € within a period of 15 days. If you are interested in making purchases above that amount or quantity, we invite you to contact our customer service through our contact form at


The products we present on our website are a careful selection from our collection. We have taken special care to accurately display the colors and characteristics of our products. Of course, each monitor's calibration is different, and we cannot guarantee that your monitor will display colors with full accuracy. Most of our products are fresh foods in which we show you a presentation suggestion, the product delivered may not exactly match the image of the online store.

You will have the possibility to rate and comment on our products; to avoid offensive, violent, illegal, spam, etc. comments, these will be subject to our validation. You will be solely responsible for the comments you may leave on our website, not being responsible in any case for Granxa Educativa Agrogandeira, S.L. of them, nor having an obligation to publish them.


The products we present on our website are a careful selection from our collection. We have taken special care to accurately display the colors and characteristics of our products. Of course, each monitor's calibration is different, and we cannot guarantee that your monitor will display colors with full accuracy. Most of our products are fresh foods in which we show you a presentation suggestion, the product delivered may not exactly match the image of the online store.


Nothing in these terms of purchase excludes or limits our liability for (1) death or personal injury caused by our negligence, (2) fraudulent statements, (3) any other liability that cannot be limited or excluded by applicable law.

Subject to the preceding paragraph and to the extent permitted by law, we will not be liable for any financial loss (including loss of revenue, data, profits, contracts, business or anticipated savings) or loss of goodwill or reputation or losses for special or indirect damages suffered or incurred by you arising out of or in connection with these Terms.

The provisions of this section do not affect your legal rights as a consumer, nor your right to withdraw from the contract.


We will not be liable for any breach or delay in the performance of any of the obligations we assume under a Contract, the cause of which is due to events beyond our reasonable control (“Force Majeure”).

Causes of Force Majeure shall include any act, event, failure to exercise, omission or accident that is beyond our reasonable control and shall include in particular (without limitation) the following:

- Strikes, lockouts or other vindictive measures.

– Civil commotion, revolt, invasion, terrorist attack or terrorist threat, war has been declared or not) or the threat or preparations for war.

– Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, sinking, epidemic or any other natural disaster.

- Impossibility of using trains, ships, planes, motor vehicles or other means of transport, public or private.

- Impossibility of using public or private telecommunications systems.

– Acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of other governments.

It shall be understood that our obligation to perform under any Contract shall be suspended during the period in which the Force Majeure Event continues, and we shall have an extension of time to perform our obligation during such period. We will use all reasonable means to end the Force Majeure Event or to find a solution by which we can fulfill our obligations under the Contract despite the Force Majeure Event.